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The Freeride World Tour Qualifier is the circuit reserved for adult competitors. It allows the best to access the Freeride World Tour. Several dozen events take place throughout the year around the world. The competitions are classified according to their level of difficulty: from 1*, the easiest open to all, to 4****, more technical and reserved for athletes who have already proven themselves on the 1*, 2** and 3***.

The Freeride World Tour Junior is the freeride circuit, reserved for young people from 14 to 18 years old, following the same model as the official competitions for older people: judging, format, safety… Only the difficulty of the routes, the gradients and the access to certain exposed areas change.


The following equipment is mandatory for all Qualifier and Junior events: helmetback protectorDVA, backpack with shovel and probe.

The organizer can decide if a harness is necessary or not.

Runners who go to the competition venue before the race will be disqualified.

Riders must indicate their first and last names mentioned on their passport or identity card when registering for the FWT. Nicknames cannot be withheld from the insurance company, which may refuse to cover them.


judging system

A single "overall impression" score is used to determinate rider's final score.


To evaluate the run, the judges use a point system with 100 graduations from 0.0 to 10.0 The choice of line, the fluidity of the run, the jumps and the level of control during the descent of the face are the key criteria for judging . This judgment is issued by a panel of 3 judges (3 for skiing, 3 for snowboarding) specially trained and certified by the Pro Freeriders Board (PFB), and headed by a chief judge per discipline. The PFB and the Chief Judges have worked closely together to create a judging system that allows potential judges to be trained, assessed and then certified.


The goal is to have a unified, rider-approved system for all FWT, FWQ and FJT competitions that allows every riding style to have the opportunity to win.


Evolution 2 is organising again several stages of the FREERIDE WORLD QUALIFIER (FWQ) calendar this year, which represent real entry tickets for the next level!


What is a “Qualifier race”:

  • 50 stages around the world, classified by difficulty from 1 to 4 stars,

  • Competitions open to all amateur riders and dedicated to aspiring Freeride riders (minimum age: 18 years old)

  • The goal: to collect points and offer the best in the rankings entry into the famous Swatch Freeride World Tour (FWT) system.

  • Same scoring methods as on the FWT circuit races

  • The FWQ 2021 ranking takes into account the 3 best results of each rider during the 2020/2021 season (same system for the 2020/2021 season to qualify for the FWT 2022). Establishment of a "seeding list" updated every week in relation to the results of the runners

  • Qualifications for the FWT next season: Men: first 4 skiers / first 3 snowboarders

  • Women: 3 first skiers / 2 first snowboarders

  • Unlimited participation for the FWQ circuit

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